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V March 2008 vyšly tyto články:

29.3.Decision In Twenty Five Minutes
27.3.Kasálek: We Showed We Want to Fight for Points
23.3.Trencin´s home loss
19.3.Depetris Answers Fans’ Questions
17.3.We didn’t take up the glove thrown down by Senec
16.3.Eight Loss In a Row, Six Points Behind Senec
15.3.Jašurek: We Will Do Our Best.
14.3.The atmosphere against Košice pleased, legionaries feel bad about the loss
12.3.Sluijter would like to play against fans
11.3.The captain feels bad about the loss mainly because of fans
9.3.Next Loss Against Kosice
1.3.Seye Arranged Sixth Consecutive Defeat

Games schedule
16:00 Nitra
Fortuna league, 24. round, 30.3.2019
FC Nitra - AS Trenčín
Fortuna league, 23. round, 16.3.2019
AS Trenčín vs FC Spartak Trnava

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