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V March 2016 vyšly tyto články:

30.3.Instagram with increase, responsive web launched, new chinese social network
29.3.Rest In Peace Mr. Cruyff, you are also our inspiration
21.3.Victory over Podbrezova after huge domination
18.3.We are in Cup semifinal after victory in Kosice
18.3.Valuable victory on the pitch of Michalovce
10.3.Important victory in Zilina
7.3.After good first half victory vs Skalica despite red card for Rabiu
6.3.Despite huge dominance we lost to Slovan Bratislava

Games schedule
16:00 Nitra
Fortuna league, 24. round, 30.3.2019
FC Nitra - AS Trenčín
Fortuna league, 23. round, 16.3.2019
AS Trenčín vs FC Spartak Trnava

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