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V March 2018 vyšly tyto články:

31.3.High win on the pitch of the reigning Champions
23.3.Draw on the pitch of the Hungarian Champions
20.3.Ubbink: We shift good and bad matches, it must be frustrating for the fans
17.3.We were in a lead against Ružomberok, but in the end we lost
10.3.Despite a great dominance, loss against Trnava
6.3.IMRAN OULAD OMAR signed a contract with AS Trenčín
2.3.Pišoja signed a long-term contract, another youngster in the cabin of A-team

Games schedule
Friendly games, 29.6.2019
MŠK Žilina - AS Trenčín
Friendly games, 26.6.2019
ETO FC Györ vs AS Trenčín

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