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V April 2011 vyšly tyto články:

30.4.Second Loss in Season, Depetris Scored 30th
25.4.Photo Gallery from Celebrations
25.4.Video from Celebrations
25.4.Saturday’s Afternoon Heat
25.4.Trenčín Back to Top League
24.4.Photo Gallery Against Puchov
24.4.Trencin Back in Corgon Liga!
19.4.Photo Gallery Against Moldava n/B
16.4.Lost Battles can Come, but Final Success Must Be Ours
16.4.Decision After Fifteen Minutes, Depetris Scored Three
11.4.Great Win Against Second Petrzalka
11.4.Photo Gallery Against Petrzalka
9.4.Games and Trainings of AS Observed by Ajax Scout
6.4.Photogallery: Back in Wigan
4.4.Photo Gallery Against Senec
2.4.Depetris and Stefanik Broken Senec Defense

Games schedule
17:00 Senica
Fortuna league, 28. round, 27.4.2019
FK Senica - AS Trenčín
Fortuna league, 27. round, 20.4.2019
Železiarne Podbrezová vs AS Trenčín

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