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This is my sen 2018 also with Juventus FC, AS Roma and West Ham United FC

The Sihoť‘s Stadium opens this weekend for already the fourth edition of the „This is my sen“ tournament (TiMS) for U11 footballers. In spite of its short history, competing of the U11 category became a tournament with the best participation for young footballers under eleven years not only in Slovakia but also in Central Europe. This year‘s „This is my Sen“ will again have a sixteen-member starting roster. There will be clubs from six countries - seven from the Slovak Republic including two AS Trenčín teams, three from the Czech Republic, two from Poland and Italy, one from Hungary and England.

The biggest attractions of the tournament are the boys from two Italian football hatcheries Juventus FC and AS Roma. The „Zebras“ won over 33 Italian league titles. The Romans triumphed in Serie A three times. Both teams belong to the top of the Apennine peninsula also in the youth categories. The youth system of the Turin Club has contributed to the success of senior and junior Italian repre teams. Among the graduates of this system are the 1934 World Champion Giampiero Combi, the Olympic Champions from 1936 and World Champions from 1937 Pietro Rava, Giampiero Boniperti, Roberto Bettega, The World Champion from 1982 Paolo Rossi, and also recent representants Claudio Marchisio and Sebastian Giovinco. From the academy of AS Roma arose names such as Bruno Conti, Agostinodi Bartolomei, Giuseppe Giannini, Daniele de Rossi, Alessandro Florenzi, but especially the club legend Francesco Totti.

For the third time, West Ham United FC will take part in the tournament. The „Hammers“ U11 team finished on the second place two years ago. Less than a year ago they were fourth.

The WHU Academy is one of the most successful football academies on the British Isles. Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Michael Carrick, Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Paul Ince, Kieran Richardson, Jermain Defoe, or Glen Johnson are among the names, that arose from WHU.

The Czech Republic will be represented by SK Slavia Praha and for the first time in history of the tournament also by AC Sparta Praha and 1. FC Slovácko. Slavia placed eighth the last year and in the first edition of the TiMS Slavia ended on the nineth place. The team from the academy of Slavia, made of players born in 2007 or later, is probably the best Czech team under eleven years in the country of our western neighbors, and Sparta is very close to their level. The interesting fact is, that both Prague‘s „S“ have this year‘s scalp of FC Bayern München team of U11. 1. FC Slovácko has performed in all previous editions of the tournament. A year ago they took a great third place.


Hungary will be represented by the most popular and most famous club from the country of our southern neighbors. Ferencvárosi TC competed in all previous editions of the tournament and was always amongst the top. Two years ago Ferencvárosi ended sixth, the year before fourth, but the last year they enjoyed the overall triumph. Thus, this year they come to Trenčín to defend the champions title.

Also Poland has its representation on TiMS 2018. Our northern neighbors will be represented by a pair Wisła Kraków and Zagłębie Lubin. The youth base of Wisła look for their opponents not only among Poland´s top but they often travel to major tournaments across Europe. For our club, it is an appreciation that TiMS is one of them. Wisła brought up dozens of Polish representatives. Among them were Maciej Žurawski, Arkadiusz Glowacki or Pawel Brožek. Even Zagłębie has one of the most successful and most progressive academy in Poland. It belongs to the so-called „great Polish four“, where besides the already mentioned Wisła are also Lech Poznań and Legia Warszawa.

Slovakia will be represented by seven teams including two teams of AS Trenčín, one team of FC Spartak Trnava, ŠK Slovan Bratislava, MŠK Žilina, 1. FC Tatran Prešov and Inter Bratislava.

The premier edition of TiMS in 2015 had won AS Trenčín within a tough competition of AFC Ajax, Ferencvárosi TC, SK Slavia Praha and other great football names. ŠK Slovan Bratislava won the next year, who ended ahead of West Ham United FC, Zagłębie Lubin and our team. Ferencvárosi TC won the last year’s edition, who have beaten also Spanish Valencia CF.

Péter Balász (Ferencváros Budapest): „I have to admit, that Trenčín´s club organised a great tournament. We enjoyed it a lot. Two days full of football were totally joyful. We have attended a few interesting european tournaments. Therefore we can say that TiMS was at a great level from the beginning. It was a great experience to play against the teams like West Ham or Valencia.“

Alfredo Ramos (Valencia CF): „It was a great tournament. We have never played on the tournament, which was played as a league competition. It was good that all the teams played against each other. We played on the tournaments, where the teams were divided into groups followed by play-off. It was relieving, that one bad match hadn´t meant a disaster. We enjoyed it way more. We were able to focus primarly on the game.“

Dave Johnson (West Ham United FC): „We are very pleased to attend the tournament for third time. The tournament is a tough test for our players and every team makes our young players different problems. The facilities and the people at AS Trencin are very good and it is a privilege to attend the 2018 edition.“

Ondřej Gazdoš (1.FC Slovácko): „It was ideal. We got to know another football cultures. The system was great, that every team played against each other. The final result is not based on luck or coincidence of the draw. We felt great in Trencin. We played a lot of quality matches and we have shown that we can fight not only by results, but also by playing football.“

Michal Kováč (ŠK Slovan Bratislava): „The tournament with an excellent line up and an unusual organization brought us a lot of interesting matches. Within two days and fifteen matches players had to show more than just the things they knew as a routine.“

Jiří Janeček (SK Slavia Praha): „We are looking forward to every quality international competition. This is my sen brings clashes of many different football styles. The tournament is certainly a great experience for all the kids.“

Jaroslav Bačík (MŠK Žilina): „This is my sen is a great tournament. Hats down before the club that can organize it. It is the best tournament of this category in Slovakia. It brings a confrontation of a different styles. Besides the sports site, it has also a social site. The boys see that there are no barriers to play against young players from other clubs like Ferencvárosi or Valencia. Every one of our opponents is good.“

Miroslav Karas (AS Trenčín): „The tournament meets expectations in terms of team quality. In addition, every year we are glad to help it to move up from the point of view of the attractiveness and football skills of the participants. This is my sen is growing every year. There is no tournament of similar size in our region. Our format is just a bonus. We would like our boys to be able to compare with the best teams in Europe in the future. That´s why this confrontation is important to us. We want talented Slovak football players to confront foreign quality.“ 

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Games schedule
Fortuna league, baráž, 14.7.2020
FC Spartak Trnava vs AS Trenčín
# Team Score Points
1. ŠK Slovan Bratislava 57:14 68
2. MŠK Žilina 48:25 51
3. FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda 42:28 50
4. FC Spartak Trnava 30:32 35
5. MFK Ružomberok 28:33 32
6. MFK Zemplín Michalovce 31:49 32
7. AS Trenčín 52:43 39
8. FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce - Vráble 27:33 33
9. ŠKF Sereď 29:41 27
10. FK Senica 26:40 26
11. FK Pohronie Žiar nad Hronom Dolná Ždaňa 25:44 26
12. FC Nitra 23:36 25

complete standings

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