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Filip Hlohovský returned back to his base in a big style

At the end of the game one of the best players was praying, after all he celebrated three point gain.

Cheerful winners‘ shouting was heard from the dressing room of AS after the game in Rimavská Sobota. Someone, as unwilling to listen to triumphant chorales, locked up happy Trenčín players inside. Didn‘ t matter… At least the guys were able to enjoy long awaited triumph without interruption. And when, finally, someone found the key, Trenčín players slowly started to drift to the bus. Their faces were expressing satisfaction and relief. Perhaps the biggest smile belonged to Filip Hlohovský. The offensive AS player as if recalling his most highlightful moments, performed with an excellent result.

The playground was full of him. He made plenty of kilometers, zigcaged, when needed, held the ball. Briefly, this comeback to the first eleven was exemplary. „I returned to the base after a long time. I wanted to show this is where I belong to and I hope I proved it. My desire to play was indescribable. I had a great motivation,“ said this 21 year old football player.

Right before the game he was in a „mysterious“ debate with the team manager Drahoš Bočák. The content of their conversation remained secret until the final whistle of the referee. „I told him to watch carefully. I promised I would score for sure. Although I did not, it’s okay. Others scored. We won and that’s most important,” enjoyed this happy forward.

When evaluating the game, he said seriously and thoughtfully: „During the first half we were getting used to difficult terrain. That surface was very challenging and it was hard to cope with it. After the first part of the game we were loosing, however, despite unfavourable progress in score, during the break the atmosphere in the dressing room felt victorious. We all believed in turnaround.“

Despite cold weather, in the 87th minute AS football players felt hot. When Jozef Pisár put the ball 17 meters away from the goal, ready for the straight shot, pulse values of Trenčín audience were reaching top figures. „This might have been the first time in my life I ever prayed,“ confessed Hlohovský when the game was over. After a good shot of MŠK captain, which slightly touched left bar of the Volešák’s goal, he felt relieved. “We succeeded at the end of the game. Finally. If we were to get another equalizing score during the final moments, that would be really bad luck and unfairness,” concluded debate one of the best players at the playground and left for the bus.

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Games schedule
18:00 Žilina
Fortuna league, 28. round, 4.7.2020
AS Trenčín - ŠKF Sereď
Fortuna league, 29. round, 27.6.2020
FK Senica vs AS Trenčín
# Team Score Points
1. ŠK Slovan Bratislava 50:13 61
2. MŠK Žilina 43:23 48
3. FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda 38:25 44
4. MFK Ružomberok 28:30 32
5. MFK Zemplín Michalovce 31:40 32
6. FC Spartak Trnava 28:32 31
7. AS Trenčín 49:38 36
8. FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce - Vráble 26:33 29
9. FK Senica 26:39 25
10. ŠKF Sereď 27:37 27
11. FC Nitra 20:34 22
12. FK Pohronie Žiar nad Hronom Dolná Ždaňa 22:44 20

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