News 27.3.2008

Kasálek: We Showed We Want to Fight for Points

Martin Kasálek: “We pulled ourselves together and played till the end in the second half“

Martin Stano’s team was recently defeated by Nitra (1-2). In spite of the fact that we lost again, it was quite an interesting game against the third team. “We were finally successful in keeping the ball in the offense and that was positive. Maybe that was the reason why it looked better this time. Despite the unfavorable development, we tried to play by land and through the wings and to center to the penalty area. We were not just sending long passes, we wanted to create something;” says one of the few experienced AS players on the pitch Martin Kasálek.

Although our performance was better, we were making bad mistakes which made it easier for the rival to gain three points. “Both goal situations were very similar. We conceded the goals after our mistakes on the sides of the defense, following centers, and inconsistent work inside the penalty area. These were very simple goals;” said Kasálek and added; “It is true that we could do more in both situations. It was not one player’s mistake, the goals followed after two or three consecutive failures. It may be a miscommunication. I am not sure how our foreign teammates view it but it went through the side where three of them play behind each other. It is hard to say, it may be for a longer discussion.”

The team with six 19-years old players did not give up and fought until the final seconds. „We pulled ourselves together and played till the end in the second half. We put pressure on Nitra. It was a shame that we did not score the second goal. It is true that they went three times alone on our keeper but we played extremely offensively in that time;” Kasálek comments and concludes; “We put a lot of energy into the game and we would deserve at least one point. Perhaps if we were higher in the table we would score more easily. However, if we played like this from the beginning of spring, it would have been different. It was evident that we all wanted a lot and that we will keep on fighting hard.”

Author: MG, EK
Games schedule
Fortuna league, baráž, 14.7.2020
FC Spartak Trnava vs AS Trenčín
# Team Score Points
1. ŠK Slovan Bratislava 57:14 68
2. MŠK Žilina 48:25 51
3. FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda 42:28 50
4. FC Spartak Trnava 30:32 35
5. MFK Ružomberok 28:33 32
6. MFK Zemplín Michalovce 31:49 32
7. AS Trenčín 52:43 39
8. FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce - Vráble 27:33 33
9. ŠKF Sereď 29:41 27
10. FK Senica 26:40 26
11. FK Pohronie Žiar nad Hronom Dolná Ždaňa 25:44 26
12. FC Nitra 23:36 25

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