News 24.7.2013

Volesak Did Not Spared with Criticism

Milos Volesak: "I do not see inside of the heads of guys, I do not know what happened"

"Sent off harmed our game. We did not know what we want to play. After sending off Aldo (Baez) it has been difficult. We did not hold ball, combination slowed down and it rolling to us. Trnava gave two quick goals. It did not look well," evaluated Milos Volesak Sunday's lost against Spartak Trnava.

Although in the game significantly entered referees, whom mentioned match did not work out. Despite of it captain did not look for excuses. "After converting to 1:2 we believed in drawing but red card for Adi all changed," said Volesak and continued: "I do not see inside of the heads of guys. I do not know what happened. I must say that we were not the team. We did not encourage each other. Team does not look like we demonstrated. It was not good. That's why we lost."

Captain of AS completed during the match several short talks with the main referee. However, he did not want to comment anything regards to referee decision even thou after passing time. "Some things were questionable. It happened to us before more times. We certainly would have better feeling if we play better. We did not performance the quality game as a team neither on the pitch. I have a mixed feeling. We have to put together quickly. Football brings days like this. Nowadays we have to focus only for Thursday."

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Games schedule
14:00 Nitra
Fortuna league, 18. round, 7.12.2019
FC Nitra - AS Trenčín
Fortuna league, 17. round, 30.11.2019
AS Trenčín vs FK Pohronie
# Team Score Points
1. ŠK Slovan Bratislava 40:11 42
2. FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda 29:20 35
3. MŠK Žilina 27:14 32
4. MFK Ružomberok 22:23 24
5. FC Spartak Trnava 22:21 23
6. FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce - Vráble 18:20 22
7. AS Trenčín 28:28 20
8. MFK Zemplín Michalovce 22:23 20
9. FK Senica 21:28 19
10. ŠKF Sereď 16:24 18
11. FC Nitra 13:28 14
12. FK Pohronie Žiar nad Hronom Dolná Ždaňa 17:35 11

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