News 13.8.2018

We´ve controlled the ball, but Žilina was still very dangerous

After the Europa league triumph against Feyenoord Rotterdam we have also won in Žilina against the home MŠK (2:3). Two goals scored Joey Sleegers, who is getting better every match.

"It was a good match. Although, we had the ball under control, we had to be careful about Žilina´s attacks. They have a good team, which is, however, different from the team year ago. They have a new coach, who makes them play more from the defense. They often try to play long balls. We are happy, that we were able to manage this match," said the 24 years old former player of Feyenoord.

Žilina´s stadium is for the team of Ricardo Moniz like their home, mostly because of the artificial grass. "In Žilina there is a high quality pitch. We can play fast and we can use our combinations. That suits us well. We feel there like at home (laugh)," said after the Sunday´s match Sleegers.

After the match against our rivals from Žilina were satisfied not only fans. "We felt a fatigue from Thursday´s match, but we managed it very good. The coach asked us, who is really tired and can´t play. We have all replied, that we are fit and ready for the match. So he didn´t want to change the winning line-up. He did only few changes," added the defender Martin Šulek, who turned just 20 in January. Despite that, he is, with his 70 league matches, one of the most experienced players in the cabin of AS Trenčín.

Author: astn
Games schedule
14:00 Zlaté Moravce
Fortuna league, 20. round, 23.2.2019
FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce - AS Trenčín
Fortuna league, 19. round, 16.2.2019
AS Trenčín vs FK Senica

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