A-team 4.5.2019

FL | After another high loss, only the point from the last

The AS Trenčín team scored four goals for the second time in a row. In the 7th round of the second aprt of the season we lost to FC Nitra 1: 4 (1: 1) on the home pitch. Our only goal was scored by Hamza Čatakovič.
1:4 (1:1)
29. round, 17:00
AS Trenčín vs FC Nitra

AS Trenčín: Šemrinec – Slávik, Laczkó (66. Corryn), Skovajsa, Yem – Lamine (60. Ubbink) – Van Arnhem, Abdul – Osman, Čatakovič, Roguljič

FC Nitra: Pindroch – Kuník (58. Charizopulos), Farkaš, Niba, Šurnovský – Bilovský, Machovec (53. Kóňa) – Fabiš, Vestenický, Chobot (86. Štefanec) – Fábry

Goals: 10. Čatakovič – 34. Fabiš, 62. Bilovský, 66. Chobot, 78. Charizopulos

Yellow cards: 57. Čatakovič – 11. Vestenický, 45. Kuník, 71. Fabiš

Referees: Očenáš – Štrbo, Tomčík

Attendance: 339



Autor: astn MB
Games schedule
18:00 Lipót
Friendly games, 26.6.2019
ETO FC Györ - AS Trenčín

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